I’ve acquired a few dilemmas and they don’t seem to be going away. One of them is the job dilemma. After searching many months for a job that would allow me to relocate to Shangri La (metaphorically speaking), I was offered a great job opportunity. Thank you Lord! Here’s the shake down: said job was with a great company in a great location, paid well with annual raises, provided new challenges, and allowed me to work with some smart people. A good gig . . . but I don’t like the work. It’s just not my thing. I hate working in a cube in front of a computer all day. I hate being in a techie world that’s all techie all the time.

I really miss engaging with people i.e. patrons or researchers. I really miss working with the material (even if it’s electronic!). I miss the research and discovery of information — especially historical information. I simply miss being an archivist — the profession I pursued with passion.

Here’s the rub: 1) archivist positions are kinda rare even in Shangri La, where there are lots of institutions that employ them 2) the salaries are much lower than said job. Other dilemmas in my life make it nearly impossible to accept a much lower salary, thus the job dilemma is difficult to solve. We’re supposed to solve dilemmas, right?

I’m stuck. Quite stuck.