There’s been a lot of waiting in this process and it’s double edged. On one side, it’s a relief that there’s more time to get things done. We’ve had a tough time scheduling work for our house fix-ups. We finally found the contractors, but still need to nail down dates. We have some time to settle the parenting matters that are still not final. There’s more time to tick off the items on the to-do list.

On the other side, it’s difficult not knowing ‘when’. We can only plan out so far without having a firm moving date. It’s also difficult to prepare psychologically for what’s ahead. We saw most of our family during Christmas and though we anticipated that it was the last time we would see them for many months, we couldn’t say for sure. I go to work everyday wondering how much longer do I have to do this gig. Will I have to learn the next new thing that’s coming? Then there’s the same question over and over, “Have you heard anything yet?”

Sometimes waiting is just waiting. It isn’t really waiting on the Lord. But this waiting feels like waiting on the Lord (sorry for being redundant!), because there is so much unknown. It’s trusting that the Lord knows what’s ahead and relying on him to guide us there. It’s taking care of the responsibilities within our control and acknowledging that there are circumstances beyond our control. Those who wait on the Lord will renew their strength. Oh good, we need that strength!