The long awaited official job offer arrived last week. My first reaction was relief and my second reaction was anxiety. It’s very, very real now! D was immediately anxious and after a rocky day, we talked it all out and came to a point of coping once more. We haven’t come this far to turn back! Let’s trust God and look forward with anticipation.

The purchase and sale contract for the house was signed today. A couple of months ago, I didn’t expect that this would go so well and so quickly. It is truly God’s provision and an answer to hopeful prayer. We’re so grateful!

I also submitted my resignation today. I’ve imagined this event many times over the past four or so years as I struggled with the ups and downs of my job. The reality was a bit more difficult than I imagined. It’s become comfortable and reliable in a way. It’s always difficult to leave the known for the unknown.

The parenting plan is still pending; we’re hopeful that the last unreasonable requests will be left out of the final draft. D is ready to sign the final draft received last week. We will continue to pray for grace.

After months of uncertainty and ambiguous planning, we are beginning to nail down firm plans. We’re setting dates, making the necessary contacts and crafting our last to-do lists. The near future is coming into focus now.