I don’t know how to sum up this week in one phrase to title this post. I’ll start with Saturday, the best day. We met up with Dick’s cousin Els and husband Franz at Tante Nel’s apartment in Delft to help move some of her furniture to a new residence. It was great to see them again and do something helpful for Nel at the same time. I’m glad that we had been able to visit Nel in her apartment two years ago and have some good memories of that visit. She now needs care and cannot live on her own. The new residence is lovely and we all hope she is at peace there. We were able to visit her later in the afternoon and she was in good spirits. Cousin Gera and her husband Lee were there as well and we had the opportunity to get to know them a little. We’re happy to be able to connect with family and look forward to meeting more family members during our time here. After the visit, we walked into the Grote Markt for dinner. The weather was sunny and pleasant!

I kinda had a melt down on Sunday. Sigh. Emotional stuff had been building up and I couldn’t contain it any longer. As is often the case, I could have handled this more constructively by praying or journaling instead of losing it. Thank God I have a patient and forebearing husband! Every time I’ve made a major move, I’ve had a identity crisis of sorts. This is actually a common phenomenon (thanks to Moving On After Moving In book and support group from my last move for that reality check!) and I know I’ll get past it. It’s confusing to feel discombobulated when life is actually quite good. I guess it’s a matter of orienting myself to who I am in this environment and set of circumstances. For instance: I’m an American, I speak English (not Dutch or German or French), I’m an archivist, I’m a civilian, I have a husband, I’m not well travelled, I’m not very direct.

My good friend lost her mother this week and I’m not there to comfort her. If I were in Boston, I wouldn’t hesitate to make a trip to central NY. The distance from NL to US became very real and insurmountable. It takes extra effort to stay in contact and I feel like I’ve failed her during this entire ordeal. I didn’t take the initiative. I was consumed with the relocation and getting settled . . . and then there’s the time difference. I was informed of her mother’s death through a third party group email and that was bewildering. 

It’s been another wet week here — and a bit chilly. If you’re tired of hot dry weather, come on over. It will feel refreshing! We’re not complaining; it just seems a bit off for August weather. I haven’t been able to bike to work, which is a bummer. The weekend forecast is looking good — perhaps summer is not over yet. We have the next three weekends planned out and I’m excited to do some more traveling. Stay tuned for reports!