Dick is in Boston for two weeks and I’m alone . . . at last! I love my husband. He is truly my best friend and a great companion, but I’ve been craving me time. I haven’t been alone for any significant amount of time since we arrived in NL four months ago. This a real problem because I start to feel like I’m losing myself when I don’t have time alone. This may only make sense to introverts!

So what am I doing with all this alone time? Well, so far, I’ve been focusing on eating a little better. It’s not that we’ve been particularly unhealthy; I’m just simplifying and staying away from sweets. I’m practicing my Dutch out loud with abandon. I’m sleeping in the middle of the bed. I’m leaving dirty dishes in the sink. And I’m leaving the bathroom door open (better ventilation).

I watched back to back episodes of Say Yes to the Dress. I explored a new city and museum at my own pace — no waiting for catch ups! I drove the BMer by myself for the first time (yes, for real) and had fun whizzing around the roundabouts. I went shopping for a few home decor pieces and arranged them without anyone else’s opinon. I only had to make up my own mind! 

The most important thing on my to-do alone list is a much needed heart to God talk. I’ve been avoiding this because I know I need to peel off some emotional layers and it’s more productive to do this out loud with tears undammed. I use to pray out loud in the car to and from work, but this doesn’t really work on the bike. Anyway, I desperately need a spiritual checkup and realignment.

A few days of solitude are all I need and I’m about caught up. I’ll be missing the hubby and looking forward to his return any moment now.