Hoorn and Enkhuizen had been on our want-to-visit list for a long time. We had hoped to do a biking trip along IJsselmeer with stops at Hoorn and Enkhuizen, but that never materialized. So we added them to our farewell journey, along with a stop in Edam and squeezed in a shorter bike ride.

Our Airbnb in Hoorn was gorgeous and I could have easily lived there. One major plus was a big bathtub, of which I took advantage! Hoorn is a lovely seaside village with lots of cute houses and sailboats in the harbor. A replica of the Halve Maen (Half Moon) ship is there and we took a look onboard. This ship was built in NY and sailed the Hudson River for 25 years before coming to Holland. The original was built in Hoorn.

Edam is another cute seaside village most known for its cheese. We went there on Sunday when most things are closed, so it was pretty quiet on the streets. We browsed around and then took a break at a cafe along one of the canals. We thought of renting bikes there, but it was late in the day and my energy was low. I had been fighting some insomnia for several nights. 😣

Enkhuizen was also unexpectedly quiet on a Monday. We didn’t realize that most shops would be closed. We had to search for the only bike shop that was open to rent bikes. It turned out to be the best location, though. We could go right up on the dike from the bike shop and were immediately at the shore of the IJsselmeer. It was a cloudy cool day, but we loved being able to finally realize our goal of biking on the dike with a full view of the sea (um, lake). We went out about 11 km before taking a drink break and heading back. Zo mooi!

We finished this segment of our trip with a drive over the Afsluitdijk a dam that created the IJsselmeer and made it a fresh water lake. We were then on our way to Friesland for the next leg.