On our way to Wassenaar, we stopped at Muiderslot, a medieval castle. One more castle! There was a really cool exhibit there about women and power called Armed with Beauty. The castle tour didn’t take too long — cause medieval castles are all about defense not fancy living. 😉

Our last accommodation was at a farm bed & breakfast in Wassenaar. Dick’s mother has stayed at this B&B twice during her visits because it’s close to an assisted living home where Tante Nel lives. Lucia, the host, is vivacious and we really enjoyed chatting with her. She gave us a full tour of their house, barn and event facility. She is very clever and creative and has accomplished a lot in their agritourism ventures. Its a working modern dairy farm and horse stable, but they have a beautiful B&B suite in the front of their house and a converted carriage house as an event venue. We were able to see a robotic milking machine in action, which was fascinating to me as a former farm girl! 🐮

The first night, we biked to a pannenkoeken house and had some delicious Dutch pancakes one more time. It was a nice long bike ride past gorgeous mansions and parks. Wassenaar is where some rich and famous people live (though I have no idea who they are).

I decided that I really needed to get my hair done before our flight because salons at home would be closed Sunday – Monday and I had an interview scheduled for Tuesday morning. I did a little research and found a salon in The Hague that catered to expats (i.e. they promised to speak English). Dick dropped me off at the salon on Friday morning and I’m happy to report that I got great service. 💇‍♀ī¸ Whew!

Rain was threatening in the afternoon as we drove into the center of The Hague. We went to the Mauritshuis, an art museum that houses some famous Dutch paintings. We saw The Girl With the Pearl Earring, The Goldfinch, some Rembrandt’s and one of my favorite Dutch painters, Salomon van Ruysdael.

Later after the rain stopped, we drove to Sheveningen Beach. It was cloudy and windy — not a great day to be at the beach, but we walked the length of the pier and perused the restaurants along the shore. I realized that I hadn’t checked into our flight, so we went back to the car to hotspot the laptop and take care of it. Dick was not able to check into the second leg of our trip and was put on hold for at least a half hour to try to resolve it. We finally got to a restaurant at 9pm, but neither of us had much of an appetite.

We packed and repacked our luggage on Saturday morning. Lucia served us another hearty breakfast and then we were off to the airport. We ended up paying â‚Ŧ225 đŸ˜ĩ in extra fees for our luggage at check in — probably packed more than we needed, but relying on the speedy arrival of our goods by boat is a gamble. We were seated by the window on the flight out of Amsterdam so we got our final look and shed a few tears. Very difficult to say goodbye to this place we love so much . . . đŸ˜ĸđŸ˜ĸđŸ˜ĸ

Our flight out of Dublin was a bit delayed, but we didn’t know this until we were standing in line ready to board. Dick thought his paper AerClub card would get us priority boarding, but after standing in that line for a half hour (or more?) we were told that wouldn’t work. 😝 So we headed to the back of the general boarding line. Not a big deal since we were in the back of the plane!

I guess this is the end of our travels for awhile. ☚ī¸ What an amazing adventure it has been! 😀 We have been incredibly blessed and forever changed!