It’s so easy to complain and it’s often tempting to wallow in melancholy. I admit that I tend to process and write more when I’m there. Contentedness can seem kind of ordinary and not particularly noteworthy. Well, when I contemplate my life, it’s actually not so ordinary at all! So, let me pause and process some bliss. Yes, bliss. What a great word!

I am truly blessed this Christmas season. My needs are met and even exceeded. My children are maturing and excelling. I’m so proud of the adults that they are and the close bond we have. One of them will be married next week — MARRIED! I can hardly believe it. A new phase of life for all of us. I’m deeply in love with an amazing man. The past year has not played out the way that I thought it would, but I know that the twists and turns of this journey are all part of God’s plan. Our relationship is stronger than ever and I feel more secure in his love. I’m confident that the year to come will be bring big changes and great joy! Our God works in ways we cannot see and he is faithful.

I’m excitedly anticipating the holidays surrounded by my loved ones. I can’t wait to hug them, hang out with them, eat lots of good food and watch them open my gifts!

Contended indeed . . . even blissful. Big smiles, teary eyes and a very warm heart.