I realize that holidays and vacations are temporary. I do. There are moments in them, when I pause and wish it could last. But it doesn’t, so I take some snapshots and hold on to the memories. When Adam and Eve sinned and got kicked out of the Garden, we were all sentenced to toil. Well, I’m back to the toil.

It’s not just back to work, though. It’s back to the routine of my life. I loved having my children gathered together for Christmas and then for a wedding. I also loved having my significant other in the mix. It was happy FAMILY time and it was so relaxed! I knew the let down was coming — it was inevitable. I wake up alone, go to work, plan the evening as the day progresses — Your house or mine? What’s for dinner? What’s on TV? Then I go to bed alone.

The pleasant pause left me wanting more, you see. I started thinking ahead to more family gatherings, more togetherness with my guy. I want PLANS! I want to look FORWARD. Instead, I find myself in exactly the same spot with exactly the same uncertainty about the future. I’m thinking of lots of possibilities, but it seems a little futile.

The daily ordinary will not be satisfactory for long. It has to be exchanged for a daily purpose.