Three weeks from today, D and I will be packing up and flying to Amsterdam! We have an overnight flight with a connection in Dublin and will arrive on Thursday, August 21st. The passports are in hand and the lodging is booked — two B&B’s the first week and a bungalow with Mom & Dad Smid the second week. Now we’re making to-do lists and arrangements for our time away from home. Logistics, logistics, logistics. Having a puppy to look out for is making things a bit more complicated. We have to arrange some day care while Jenna works and then overnight boarding when Jenna goes back to school. I hate having to leave her in a kennel, but our options are limited.

This is kind of morbid, but given the recent plane crashes, I feel like we need to make sure our affairs are in order before we fly. We have all the ground work done — just need to finish implementation. Don’t worry kids, there’s a will. And I’m ready to go to glory any time!