I’m in this weird place emotionally today. I’m looking forward to our trip, but the excitement is tempered. D is away for the week and, as usual with this scenario, we’re somewhat disconnected. He’s in a completely different context and schedule, while I’m in usual the daily grind. Communication is extra challenging. There’s stuff going on a work that’s also discomforting. I’m trying very hard to suck it up and hang in there for another week! I hope it’s a flip of this week — with my man and away from the hassles of work.

Our itinerary and logistics are nearly set. I hope to have a dog walker lined up tomorrow and the dog schedule worked out. I’m also helping Jenna get set up with college stuff and bridal shower planning. I’ll work on the packing list in the next day or so. I’m sure the excitement will ramp up when D gets home!