My mind is swirling with to-do lists, plans and contemplations. My focus today will be on the to-do lists — ticking off my to-dos and creating to-dos for others both at work and at home. But my mind bounces to other thoughts as I think about our plans and what’s ahead.

It occurred to me that I’ve rarely been away from home for this length of time. When I moved three years ago, I was between homes for two weeks and that happened once before about 15 yrs ago. I’ve never been away on vacation for more than a week and the number of one week vacations have been few. I’m happy to be away from work for an extended period, but concerned about the difficulty in returning to work when it’s over!

I’m also thinking about the privilege of being able to take this trip. I haven’t had opportunities like this in the past and I’m soooooo grateful! I thank God for raining down blessings on me — my cup overflows. I’d also like to thank Mom & Dad S and Capital One (airfare reward) for helping us make it happen!