An eight hour overnight flight + 6 hours time loss = sleep deprivation! I was able to sleep a bit on the flight from Dublin to Amsterdam and then napped at the B&B after our arrival. D has been moving along on adrenaline, I guess, because he’s slept much less than me.

We’ve arrived at our first destination near Purmerend — a cute B&B with just enough amenities. There’s chickens and sheep in the back and an interesting garden menagerie just outside our door. The owners are very friendly and helpful.

Since I’m running low on gas, this post will have to be short. My first impressions of The Netherlands: water, water everywhere, green, very green, flat, lots of cows, sheep and horses (LOVE that!), and lovely houses. Most curious sighting today: small hammers attached to each door of our rental car. I asked the attendant what they were for and he said, “to smash the window out.” ??? “You know if you get trapped in the car.” ??? “Canals.” Ohhhh! Ya, that would be handy.