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It was a little strange to be absent from church worship again today, but we found an interesting program on TV that included a lot of worship music. It was all in Dutch, though. We had a relaxing morning with a late breakfast. Dick and I planned a bike ride in the Dwingeldervelde National Park and we stopped by the reception desk to ask some questions and look for a map. While we were there, we saw a flash of lightning quickly followed by a loud rumble of thunder. I could see that a downpour was coming and made a mad dash back to the bungalow on the bike. We got inside just in time! It rained the rest of the day with only short breaks.

Since our wifi connection sucks, I wrote blog entries in Word and uploaded some of my photos to Dick’s laptop. We all did some reading and some of us napped. All the stores are closed on Sunday and we didn’t plan ahead for Sunday dinner, so Dick found a Chinese restaurant nearby. It looked like a reasonably priced buffet. It turned out to be a little pricier than expected, but we all had our fill of some good food. The waitress was interesting to watch – since I can’t understand most of the language, I’m concentrate more on facial expressions and hand movements. It was clear that this girl was very nervous and stressed to remember everything that she was supposed to say!

It was a very quiet and kind of bleak day, but it was nice to lay low and relax.

Curious sighting: There’s always something curiously unidentifiable on a Chinese buffet. 🙂