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This morning we drove to Beilen to take care of a couple of errands such as activating Papa’s cell phone. Mama and I did a little shopping at Hema, looking for a photo album and tea towels. Free wifi was available and I was able to download email and send a couple of messages on facebook. The wifi at the campground is 1.60 euro an hour and the signal is a bit weak. We paid for an hour, but have been rationing it as much as possible.

After a late lunch and a late start, Dick and I traveled to Leeuwarden. The drive was longer than we expected with a downpour and one detour. We found parking easily and walked to the Fries Museum, which is in a nice modern building on the square. The museum is new and the exhibits are nicely curated. Since it was already after 3pm and the museum closed at 5, our time was limited. We spent most of the time in the gallery devoted to the history of Friesland. We also went through an exhibit about the history of the dike system. There was an interesting exhibit on the Resistance during WWII, but we only got a glimpse before we ran out of time. Bummer! An opening reception for a new exhibit was in swing when we left. We walked around the square a little and then had to get back for dinner. Our trip back took a couple of detours.

Dick and I cooked pork chops and added them to the curried rice that Mama had already prepared for dinner. We watched an American TV show that we hadn’t seen before and that was the day.

Curious sighting: There were a lot of curious items in the Fries Museum! The oddest item to me was the oorijizer; an ear adornment that was part of the traditional Fries women’s costume. They were gold and went around the head and over the ears.