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The Smid folks had plans to visit friends some distance away and since we’re sharing a car, Dick and I made plans to do some biking nearby. There are a bunch of bike routes in and around the National Park. The park is mostly forest, but there’s also a large field of heather. We chose one of the shorter routes that went mostly through the heather. It was very cloudy, but no rain developed. The routes are marked in different ways and we also had a guide book with directions. We stopped to look at some angora goats that were pastured near the trail and then again to have a lunch that we packed. There were a lot of little areas with picnic tables where bikers could make a stop. We passed many people out on the bike paths today and we noticed that most of them were likely retirees. The route we took hooked up with the route into town.

In town, we stopped at the library, which had a visitor’s center. I expected there to be wifi, but nee. We tried a couple of other spots in town, but didn’t find any open wifi. We browsed a nice pottery shop for awhile and picked out a couple of pieces that we liked. We’ll hopefully go back and buy one of them. We also stopped at Albert Hein for a few food items and then the bakery for some pastries.

The rest of the afternoon was spent at the bungalow reading, eating and watching TV. We tried to FaceTime with Kathryn, but with limited success. We saw her face and she eventually smiled at us!

Today’s curious sighting: there were a lot of other bicyclists out on the bike paths and they were all senior citizens/retirees.