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The sun was shining this morning! After breakfast, Dick and I went out for a longer bike ride on a route that went through Ruinen, past a windmill and some ponies, and then back through the heather. It was so nice to be out in the sun!

Since our first attempt to FaceTime with K wasn’t so great, Dick wanted to try her again before she left for school. We drove to a nearby town, Mepple, to find free wifi with a strong signal. Dick has a better, albeit short, conversation with Kathryn.

Our next destination was Giethoorn, known as the Venice of Holland. We had a very nice stroll along the main canal through town. There are so many cute and quaint homes & gardens in this village. I fell in love with one of the cottages that was for sale. We looked it up later and found that the asking price was a little steep for a FIVE room house! There are lots of places to rent boats to drive through the canals, but we were fine with walking. We stopped at a cozy café to have a broodje and relax at a bit. We also stopped at an amazing shell store. The displays there were really well done with groupings for many different kinds of shells. We bought a couple of pairs of earrings made of abalone. I think this was one of my favorite stops on our tour of Holland. D remarked that the town was like something out of a fairytale.

We got back to Dwingeloo in time to go out for dinner for pannenkoeken at a place called De Bospub. It’s a cute little rustic place in the woods run by a family. It was warm enough to sit outside and enjoy the surroundings. The pannenkoeken was delicious! I ordered tomato & cheese and Dick got the monthly special which was loaded with veggies, rague (sp?) and cheese. Mom & Dad Smid also ordered some tasty options.

When we got back to the campground, we went to the café there for coffee and ice cream. It was a great food day!

Curious sighting: An Egyptian Goose — we had to look it up since we’d never seen one before!