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Our planned day trip for today was to the Isle of Ameland, off the Friesland coast. We left in time for an hour and a half drive to arrive in time for a 10:30 ferry. We got there just before 10, but found out that the next ferry didn’t leave until 11:30. The schedule didn’t read right on the iPhone. Oops! So we had some time to kill and fortunately found coffee and wifi at the little restaurant there. The ferry trip across the Waddenzee took 45 minutes and since it was a sunny warm day, we sat on the upper deck. It was the first full sun day that we’ve had on our trip.

When we arrived, we walked to the bike rental to get bikes. There are cars allowed on the island, but it’s costly to ferry them and the best way to see the island is by bike. We started our route on a dike that ran along the Waddenzee. There were sheep grazing on the upper part of the dike. The tide was out so the view of the sea wasn’t that great and Dick was not thrilled with the route. I was really hungry and wanted to stop for lunch. After some words about the location, we found a grassy spot near a fishermen’s monument to eat lunch.

From there we headed into one of the towns to get to the north coast. We encountered large groups of German middle school kids, also on bikes, as we made our way around the island. We biked through the dunes and made a couple of stops at the beaches. We walked into the North Sea at one of the beaches and were surprised to find that the water was a comfortable temperature!

There was a strong headwind from the east, which made most of our trip against the wind. We didn’t go quite as far as D wanted because I was ready to head inland and look around the other towns. We took a south route into Buren and made a brief stop at a shop there. From there we went on to Nes, a town in the middle of the island. We walked around the town, stopped at an outdoor café for coffee and browsed around some shops. We had to be back to return the bikes and make it to the last ferry at 6:30. We boarded the ferry with travelers heading back to the mainland and another horde of school kids. It was a full boat!

Today’s curious sighting: Hello Kitty car — a pink VW bug with Hello Kitty on the doors and back window emblem. There were also pink fuzzy dice hanging from the rear view mirror!