We left Pax Tibi in Reeuwijk this morning and so ended this phase of our trip. With a packed breakfast, we headed to Schiphol to pick up Dick’s parents. There was some confusion over the arrival time because the time that Dick checked online was almost two hours earlier than the time on their itinerary. We thought we were going to be very late and we had so way to contact them to verify. When we arrived at the airport, we didn’t really know where to find them either. We found out what arrival area there were supposed to come out of and waited there. After some time had passed, Dick looked in the next arrival area and found his dad. So we finally got all together and packed up the car. Getting luggage for four and four people in a VW Golf station wagon was a challenge, but we squeezed in.

After abandoning an attempt to get a parking thingy from the rental car place, we started our trek to Dwingeloo in Drenthe. We made one stop along the way and had lunch in Urk. We walked around the village for a bit and then decided on a restaurant with outside seating near the harbor. Dick’s parents were very tired from their flight and not up for a lot of walking. The sun shone us while we ate and it felt good. I had an ouitsmijter for the first time — fried eggs and cheese on top of a large slice of bread – a very large slice of bread! It was yummy. Papa Smid also had one. Mama Smid and Dick had croquettes.

The clouds rolled in pretty quickly after lunch and our views of the water weren’t that great. The water was very gray. We went to the top of a nearby building and also to a lookout area next to a lighthouse. On the way to the lighthouse, Dick drove down a narrow street that was blocked off (it looked like a through way on the map). He had to back down the street and squeeze between two cars to get out. It was a little tense, but he did it without scraping up our rental car!

We finally arrived at the campground in Dwingeloo just before 3pm. The bungalow has two bedrooms, toilet, shower, and kitchen/dining/living area. It’s snug, but comfortable enough. After we got settled, Dick and I went to the reception area to do some laundry and rent bikes. The laundry fee was 5 euros, which was excessive for the small amount of wash we had. We got the bikes and they’re easier to handle than the big bikes we rode on Thursday. While the folks napped, we took a ride through the park and then around the village.

Later we went by car to Albert Hein to pick up some groceries and then came back to make some dinner.

Curious sightings: A door of a house in Urk was painted to look like Queen Beatrix is looking out of the house. A statue of a girl on a horse in front of a church in Dwingeloo commemorates a local romance saga that ensued as the church was being built.