I had very quick trip to Limburg this week for the medical clearance exams. I arrived in Maastrict Sunday afternoon and left Tuesday morning. My body was very confused! I had no sleep for over 24 hrs and then slept only in spurts Sun and Mon nights. Ugh!

I loved being in Maastrict! My hotel was right across the street from the train station, which was very convenient. The hotel was funky and comfy — the name Kaboom is also curious! I had some time to walk around and unwind Sunday evening. The city was beautifully decorated for Christmas.

Monday morning I took the train to Beek for my physical exam at Meditel. Interesting experience. The doctor ultimately proclaimed me healthy and employable.

When I returned to Maastrict, I tracked down an Albert Hein store and did my Dutch goodies shopping. I took a much needed nap when I returned to the hotel. It was surprisingly quiet there even though my room faced the train station.

I headed to the old city and walked around Vrijthof. The square was filled with a Christmas fair including a skating rink, ferris wheel and all sorts of vendors and decorations. Very festive! My destination was several blocks beyond Vrijthof. I had to go to another clinic for a chest x-ray. This ended up being a quick visit.

Back at the square, I indulged in a roomboterwafel. They’re like Belgian waffels. Yum! I browsed the vendors and watched the skaters for awhile. I then sought out a chocolate shop on the Markt. It was a very mild day (56 degrees) and I had a very pleasant stroll around the shopping district.

I capped off the day with dinner at a restaurant in Vrijthof. It was warm enough to eat outside and watch the fair goers. A lovely way to end my stay!