I’ve told this story a bunch of times now, but I should get it down in writing! My return trip last Tuesday ended up being a bit eventful. The train I was taking to Schipol came to a halt in Weert about 1/3 of the way there. I knew something was amiss, but since the communication was in Dutch I didn’t understand at first. I asked the surrounding passengers if someone could tell me in English what was going on. A nice gentleman explained that the train was going to be delayed. He asked me where I was going and what time my flight was leaving. He was skeptical that I would make it there on time and he suggested I go with him to speak to a conductor. The railway might order and pay for a taxi to take me to Amsterdam. Really?! We found a conductor and the man told him in Dutch about my situation. We ended up having to talk to another more helpful conductor. In the meantime, an announcement notified passengers that the train would be delayed more than an hour. I definitely needed other transportation. The train conductor called a taxi service and they gave me all the details. The nice man translated and showed me where the front of the rail station was located. I thanked him profusely! He was the first angel that helped me.

After waiting a half hour or so, I figured out that a man driving a black Mercedes van was my taxi. I verified that I was the passenger he was looking for and he loaded me up. He put the pedal to the metal and got me to the airport in 1.5 hours. I had heard another driver say that it would take up to 2 hrs! My driver was very nice and we chit chatted here and there during the trip. I arrived at the airport an hour before my plane was scheduled to leave. Angel number two!

After some difficulty finding the IcelandAir counter, I checked in and unloaded my bag full of Dutch goodies. I jumped ahead a bit at the security check line and then had to wait for my bag to be rescanned because I forgot to remove my iPad. Ugh! I walked as fast as I could to my gate. When I got there, all the passengers were still waiting and there was no plane in sight. The flight had been delayed because of high winds in Reykjavik. Then I started to stress about making my connection to Boston. I only had a 1.5 hour layover. There was no need to worry; the plane came soon and the flight boarded quickly. We were only 30 min late getting off the ground and my connection from Reykjavik to Boston was on time. I think another angel was guiding that plane. Whew!