And my God will supply every need of yours according to his riches in glory in Christ Jesus.

I’m amazed at God’s provision for us beyond what we could have imagined! Dick has been working for an ad agency in Boston on contract for several weeks and will likely be working there up until the week we move. He’s being paid an hourly rate more than double what he was paid at this agency last fall (through a recruiter). The work and the money are allowing him to be much more relaxed about our pending move. Since he attended to so many details in the last few months, we are in good shape planning-wise and the extra income allows us some breathing room for all the expenses ahead. 

Last night we were talking about a gap we will have in health insurance. Dick was concerned that we wouldn’t have coverage for about a month. My last planned work day at my current job is April 30th and my new job start date is May 30th. Today, my supervisor asked me if I would be willing to work another week to finish up the current “iteration” (I’ll avoid getting into an explanation of that!). I thought about it and realized that if I played it right I could get an extra two weeks of insurance coverage (using vacation time for the second week). Not only did they agree to that, but I’m getting another extra week of pay on top of that! Lord, you are good!

Now we pray for a new place to live, moving logistics and a good flight out. We know that God will provide; he is SO faithful!