We leave in ten days . . . TEN DAYS! Last week I was pretty chill thinking that everything was well in hand. One way flight booked; bungalow reserved for temp stay; moving estimates coming in and wrapping up my last days at EIS. Today, I’m not so chill; I’m kinda stressed. Our moving estimates have been brought into question and the third/final survey was just done this morning leaving precious little time to get the approval and reserve the dates (next week!). I trying to remember to pray and have faith.

I had an awesome visit with my kids this past weekend and the best Mother’s Day. I’m so thankful for our relationships and sooooo proud of who they are. My cup overflows! I’m excited for them to visit us in NL.

I’m grooming the to-do list and trying to remember all the details that should be attended to before we’re thousands of miles away. I’m afraid I’m going to miss something important! We’ve got some more goodbyes to make and I’m sure we won’t get to everyone.

So I’ll prioritize and make the days count. One way or another we’ll empty a house and board a plane by the 19th!