The movers arrived Monday morning and got busy packing. Our shipped goods were packed first and loaded on the truck. I finished up packing my suitcases and sending out forms for JFCBS (this is how I’ll refer to my employer forthwith). After a discussion with the mover rep, we decided we needed a bigger storage unit and, thank God, Dick found one at the facility close by. Whew!

We took a much needed break from the action Monday night and went into town. My kids gave me a gift card for dinner at the Top of the Hub (52nd floor of the Prudential building) for my birthday and we saved it for our last week at home. We had an amazing evening taking in the awesome view of Boston and enjoying a delicious dinner! It was the perfect way to say ‘so long Boston’.

Tuesday was moving day. All of our remaining belongings were loaded up and put into storage. I left most of the directing to Dick and went off to meet a friend for lunch. 🙂 When I got back, the house was empty and that was a little sad. I got busy cleaning to stay on course. Dick loaded up our neighbor’s truck with the leftover junk to take to the dump. We crammed our luggage and the dregs in two cars to take to Alan’s. Yeah, we still had two cars. More on that later. We did a final walk-through of the house and kind of said goodbye to all of the rooms as we went. So long 92 Lakeshore Drive. Thanks for the memories!

The house closing was Wednesday afternoon. We had a nice chat with the new owners while we waited for the attorney to arrive. They’re a young couple and first time home owners. It was great to see them excited about owning our house! The husband worked as a dairy farmer in Georgia before moving north to work in milk processing. I felt like we had something in common. 🙂 Our realtor was a bit late to the meeting because she had to find a box for the dishes we left in the dishwasher. Oops! I was embarrassed and a little ticked that some of the dishes we use the most weren’t packed for shipment. 😝 During the paper signing, our realtor told us that she’s going to be in Aachen and Maastricht in August. That’s so close to where we will be; we have to try to meet up with her and her family.

After the closing, we were officially homeless and that’s okay! We ticked off a couple more errands Wed. afternoon, picked up Kathryn and stopped by Pastor Greg’s house to say goodbye. After dinner in Ipswich, we took a drive out to Pavilion Beach — a spot that has some good memories for us.

Thursday was wrap up and travel day. Dick had more errands to take care of, including getting rid of the Passat. After months of trying to sell it, he decided to donate it to a votech high school where it will be used by students learning automotive repair. That seems like a fitting way for Dick’s favorite driving machine to live out it’s life. 😊 My brother Tim offered to buy the Jetta, so arrangements were made for that car at the last minute. Yay! I finalized the packing to make sure all our bags were 50 lbs or less. The packing was a little stressful as more stuff was added and shifted.

We stayed at Alan & Natasha’s house the last two nights and they will sort of be our home base while we’re away. They also agreed to adopt our dog Sadie. We’re so thankful for that! Jenna and Kathryn met up with us at their house and we packed up Jenna and Natasha’s cars for the ride to the airport. We stopped off at American Barbeque for dinner — assuming it may be awhile before we enjoy American bbq again. 😀  After teary good byes 😢 and a pretty quick check in at Logan airport, we boarded for our journey to Amsterdam. ✈️

I hadn’t slept well the two nights at Alan’s and I braced myself for more sleep deprivation. I get muscle spasms in my legs and it’s really bad when I fly. I drank lots of water on Thurs. and ate a banana and almonds for potassium and magnesium, but it didn’t help. The onboard entertainment wasn’t working and I had no light for reading — it was a long 5 hr flight to Reykjavik. ☹️Yuck. Dick slept, though! I stretched out during our quick layover and the spasms were less during our second flight to Amsterdam. I was able to sleep a little.

When we picked our our bags in Schiphol, the foot locker was missing. After a discussion with the woman at baggage information and beginning to make a claim, she realized our ‘bag’ was probably in the oversize bay. Yup! We piled all our baggage in a rental car and hit the road. The trip to Brunssum took longer than expected because of traffic slow downs, but we made it to the bungalow park by 5:30 and checked in. Our temporary residence turned out to be cute and homey enough. We had the impression from the listing that there would be no wifi, but found instructions to connect in our welcome packet. Yay, what a relief!

We had a satifying meal at Canadian Corner, a restaurant close by, and a nice chat with an American waitress. Dick discovered that his understanding of Dutch will be challenged by the Limburg dialect. Both of us will have to learn some of it!

Then sleep …. much needed sleep …… 14 hrs of sleep! 😴💤