We finally have movers lined up! Whew, that was close — four days to go. The lowest quote ended up being the company that was selected, which was fine with us. Their reps were more knowledgable about international moving and the specific requirements.

In the meantime, I’ve been able to sort out all of our shipped goods and organize my wardrobe for packing. Our smoke/carbon monoxide detectors failed inspection and we had to replace them. The walk through and closing are scheduled. Last meet ups with some friends are also scheduled. And our ‘so long Boston’ date at the Top of the Hub (birthday gift from my kids) has been reserved. We still haven’t sold the VW cars and the piano. Several false hopes for buyers, but no sale. Tough choices to give away may be necessary.

I had this great idea to change my hair style while I still had access to my trusted stylist. I thought: new country, new job, why not a new look? I browsed through hundreds of pictures on Pinterest, pinned my favorites and got reviews from my girls. I went into my salon appointment with a good idea of what I wanted. Somehow my directions and responses to crucial questions didn’t get interpreted correctly. The color is too dark and the bangs are too short — not things that can easily be fixed. So much for being Eurochique. Ugh!