We met with our landlady this morning to go through our rental house and get the keys. Our landlady is awesome. She’s trés sophistiqué — impeccably dressed, perfectly coiffed and she wears the most adorable shoes! She speaks perfect English (and is also fluent in Dutch and French). When I told her that I couldn’t use the PX at the Army base, she said, “oh, you’ll just have to make friends with someone who can get you in.” And when she explained the most people in South Limburg are Catholics, she said most are “Catholic a la carte”. 😄 She gave us lots of info about the area and tips on shopping (the store where I can find great shoes 👠) and travel. She’s been very accommodating and helpful.

The house is fully furnished and has some kitchen basics that will tide us over until our shipment arrives, but there are a few things we need to get started. Since we had a gift card for IKEA, we headed there first and entered the maze. This one is a bit more of a maze than the others I’ve been in! After circling the second floor about five times, we finally got pointed in the direction of the stairs to the bottom floor where the items on our list were located. Mission accomplished. 

We got a call from the bike shop that our bikes were ready for pickup. 🚲 Yay! They look great. We took them out for a ride after dinner tonight. What was supposed to be a paved bike path in the park, turned out to cross with mountain bike paths in some parts — a little extra work out for me and the bike. 

Our dinner tonight was Dominoes pizza and I’m not ashamed to admit that I enjoyed it. 😊 We drank red wine with it to make it seem more European. 🍷 😁