Several weeks ago, I began to receive paperwork from JFCBS for “taking up duties” on May 30. So I guess I’ve now officially taken up my duties. And I continue to fill out paperwork. That has taken up most of my first two days — in addition to reading lots of information documents. I have to use a glossary to decipher the alphabet soup of acronyms. Information overload! 

Dick and I can now access the base and the amenities there without being interrogated and searched. Yay! As of tomorrow, we will be registered as residents of the Netherlands. 

I biked to work today and my sweet husband escorted me part way this morning to make sure I didn’t get lost. 😀 It’s a very pleasant ride through town, past an 18th century castle, fields of sheep and cows and a lovely orchard. We returned our rental car today so now we’re reliant on bike and public transport. At this moment, we’re taking the train on a trip back home. 

We’re slowly getting settled into our new home. Dick learned how to use the washer today (via our helpful landlady) and he got the last big items on our shopping list.  I met one of our neighbors and she welcomed us to the neighborhood. 

We’re still waiting for the all powerful debit card. Next steps are Internet connection, cell phone plan and a personal chipkaart for public transport. These items will give us a little more stability — or maybe just connectivity?