One of the smartest purchases I made before we left home was a stylish Helly Hansen raincoat. It’s kept me dry many times this past month. We were warned that it rains a lot in Limburg and they weren’t exaggerating. It’s rained every day for the past 8 days. It doesn’t rain all day, though. We get intermittent rain showers or thunderstorms. So it will rain for a little while then stop; the sun may peek out for a bit, then it will rain again and on it goes. I managed to bike to work two days this week because it was dry during my commute morning and evening. The other days were too iffy with morning showers and afternoon thunderstorms passing through. 

We were able to enjoy a visit to Aachen last Saturday, where it was partly sunny most of the day. The rain didn’t come until after we were back home in the evening. It was dry while we were at an expat fair in Eindhoven on Sunday, but then it poured while we test drove a car around the city. It rained a bit while we shopped in Sittard last night and then the skies cleared up at dinner time. We had a nice dinner at a restaurant along the Markt outside under an awning. We were lingering over coffee when a thunderstorm rolled in and pouring rain overtook our seating area. Wetness.

I biked to the bakery this morning during a lull and then we waited for another dry period to bike to the hardware store. We had to ride back in light rain, but then it was dry enough to continue into town for some groceries. Dick went out later, but got caught in a shower shortly after he left. It’s all a bit unpredictable! 

As I write this, the rain continues to come and go. I look out to our back garden and see rain, then sun, then rain again. 

Tomorrow’s forecast looks promising — no rain!