I love our new hometown! It’s the kind of place I dreamed of living in  — only on a much smaller scale. I imagined an old city like Maastricht or Delft with a large market square, cathedrals and quaint old buildings. Well, we have a tiny market square, a 20th century church (with some 16th century parts) and quaint old buildings. There’s a flower shop, bakery (2 of them), butcher (2 of them), grocery store, gift shop, a café with outdoor seating (mandatory feature of any Dutch café) and several other businesses.

We walked through town today and got a close up look at it. We purchased macaroons and croissants at the bakery, browsed the flower shop (but bought flowers at the grocery store), found a cute sign at the gift shop and got some sort of meatballs at the butcher for our dinner. We sipped cappuccinos at the café and enjoyed the gorgeous weather while savoring the fact that we LIVE here.