Day 2 was Sunday and we wisely chose to begin the day with choral matins at Westminster Abbey. It was a memorable experience! We were able to sit with the choir and the priests.  The choir and organ sounded amazing from there. This again, was a great way to see the Abbey. The sermon was basically a book review and now I want to read the book – though I can’t seem to find it!

Our next planned stop was The  Who store. After a 25 min tube ride to Upton Park and a walk through a little Middle East, we arrived at closed doors. My bad. I was sure that I double checked the hours when I made the itinerary. Dang! 

So we got back in the tube and got off at Marble Arches to walk to Speakers Corner at Hyde Park. There was a guy speaking about women’s equality or maybe it was about Muslim women’s inequality; a Muslim guy speaking against alcohol and a preacher who was speaking about loving one another (I think). All of them were less than inspiring and seemed to repeat the same thing over and over. That was a quick stop for us!

It was another beautiful day and even though my feet were still suffering, we decided to walk towards Baker St. On the way, we stopped for lunch at Selfridges food court. We ate overpriced sandwiches and then picked up some dessert to go. We strolled through Selfridges and I felt very conspicuous – way under the necessary income level. Ha!

We observed the door of 221B Baker St. – wahoo – and walked on to Regents Park. My feet were killing me at this point! We eventually found a shaded grassy area to eat our desserts and take a load off. 

There was enough time to fit in another activity before dinner and platform 9 3/4 at King’s Cross  was next. First we had to figure out the whole train station situation. We hadn’t realized that there are TWO train stations in the same place. We arrived at St Pancras on Friday  and silly me, I thought the tube station was Kings Cross (it is also). No worries, we got it all straight. The Harry Potter store was thoroughly examined by Kathryn. She left with a sweatshirt and a big smile. 

The Victoria was highly recommended as an authentic British Pub and we loved it! The bangers and mash meal was delicious. Charles Dickens tipped pints there and supposedly did some writing there as well. Cool.