The British Museum is huge and we knew we needed a lot of time there. We arrived just as it opened at 10 am and covered Ancient Egypt, Rome, Europe and the clock room before lunch. After lunch, it was the death and dying gallery, which included the Easter Island Moai. We saw the print and calligraphy gallery last. The large ‘cartoon’ by Michelangelo was impressive. 

I’m glad we went to the museum, but it wasn’t my favorite. While we were in the Ancient history sections, I kept thinking about the amount of objects that were removed from their contextual homes during colonialization. The Euopean exhibits contained a lot of jewelry, dishes and coins — not that interesting to me.

The weather was perfect and we lounged outside the museum for awhile to enjoy it. We were asked to participate in a user survey for the museum website redesign while we were there. The researcher was from Batavia, NY.
After a break and change of clothes at the hotel, we had dinner at a Italian restaurant close by. Then it was off to the theater! We saw The Phantom of the Opera at Her Majesty’s Theatre. It was amazing! This was a treat for all of us and Kathryn loved it. We strolled through Trafalgar Square afterwards. It was such a nice evening to be out.