The hotel provided a basic daily breakfast in a cramped room, but we chose to have a “full English breakfast” on our last day. We had been passing by several cafes coming and going from the Underground, so we stopped at one of those. We all ordered the full breakfast and when the waiter asked if it was one breakfast for all of us, we clarified that we each wanted our own breakfast. That was apparently still not clear to this guy who’s English was not too good. He brought out a breakfast for me and we waited five min or so for the other breakfast dishes to come out. Nada. Dick had to reorder the other two. We’ve learned to not say, “I want the same.” The wait put us behind schedule, but we moved on. 

The Who Shop was a must see for Kathryn and we were determined to get there before we left London. We made the trek back to Upton Park and the mission was accomplished. Kathryn  walked through the tardis into the TV museum and got some Who goods at the store to take home. I still don’t understand the fanaticism, but it was fun to see her so excited!

Considering the amount of time it took to get through to the Eurostar train on Friday, we were cutting it close to make it to our ride home. We had to take the tube back to our hotel, grab our luggage and walk back to get the tube to the train station. Thankfully, the lines through the check-in were fairly short and the passport check was faster this time. The trip from London to Brussels (373 km) on the Eurostar takes just two hours. Unfortunately, the Belgium train from Brussels to Liege (97 km) took 2.5 hrs on this trip. 

It’s been weird returning from the weekend trips we’ve taken because going home means going to Oirsbeek, NL. And that still doesn’t feel completely like home. It’s difficult to describe; it’s just kind of unsettling. Once I’m back in the daily routine of our expat life, everything is fine and I’m thankful to be here.