Twenty-seven hours in Salzburg made up the second leg of our trip and let's estimate that eight of those waking hours were rainy. When we arrived on Tuesday afternoon, our first mission was to pick up concert tickets. I chose "will call" instead of paying the shipping fee. The problem with this choice was that the tickets had to be picked up before 3pm and I realized after we parked near the venue, that the ticket office was across town. 😛 Oh well, we made it there in time and got to see part of the old city including the birthplace of Mozart (right in the middle of a shopping street) on the way.

Since there was a bit of sun, we headed to Mirabell Gardens to get some good pics. Before we left on this trip, we watched The Sound of Music to refresh our memory of the scenes in Salzburg and made a list of those we wanted to see. We had just enough time to stroll through the gardens and get some gelato before we had to get ready for the concert. When we realized the Salzburger Festspiele was going on during our stay, we took advantage of the opportunity to hear some good classical music. The Camerata Salzburg performed the night we had available. It was an Ouverture Spirituelle that included pieces by Schubert, Martin and Bruckner. Once we had silenced complaints of walking in high heels from a certain teenager (I think she needs more practice), we were able to enjoy the concert and it was absolutely brilliant. 🎼 It was a little long, though, with two 15 min. pauses.

We were pretty hungry after the concert ended around 9pm. I spec out restaurants with good reviews in advance and tag them on Google maps (there's a good tip for you). This worked really well for this trip with one exception. I chose a beer hall for dinner after the concert – not a great idea – and when we got there, we realized there was a lot of beer drinking and no eating going on. We did some quick searching on Google and TripAdvisor in the car and managed to find a good pizzeria where the service was unusually fast. Whew!

Wednesday was another wet day, but we made the best of it. Kathryn and I splashed in the horse fountain in the Residenzplatz. The fountain is kind of high and I wonder how Maria got up there! We toured the Residenz palace, which we discovered turned into a tour through the balcony of the Dom and St. Peter's museum. We skimmed through the museum since religious iconography and art are not so interesting to us. A shopping and lunch break were needed after that. We found some food vendors in the market and got some wurst and really good pretzels. We also got some Mozartkugeln for snacks and gifts. We hiked up to the Fortress to work off some calories and did yet another audio tour. This tour also extended into multiple museums. There is a great view of the city from up there. Our entrance ticket included a ride down the funicular, which ended right next to St Peters cemetery. Dick and Kathryn were determined to figure out which crypt the von Trapp family hid behind, but concluded that none of them were big enough. Dramatic license? We walked to the Nonnberg Convent next to see the outside – especially the gate. It's still a working convent and isn't open for tourists (we didn't see any nuns). The rain was lighter by then and we had a nice walk through side streets back to our car.

Time to move on to Munich!