Our stay in Munich was also brief – just 24 hrs. The hotel I selected was a little on the outskirts and it had a teeny tiny parking garage that Dick managed to squeeze our car into. Then it was yet another walk in the rain to get to dinner. We had some amazing German food at the Paulaner Brauhaus. Have I mentioned that we love German food?

Thursday morning we drove out to the Daucau Concentration Camp Memorial Site. When we planned our itinerary, Kathryn didn't want to go to Daucau. But Dick and I felt it was too important to pass it by. We spent about three hours there following an audio tour of the grounds and then browsing through the museum. It was very compelling, but not overwhelming. The crematorium and mass grave sites for unidentified victims hit me the hardest. Tough stuff to fully comprehend, but we left with a better understanding of this horrific time and place.

Back to Munich for the afternoon and the first stop was a late lunch at Hofbrauhaus. This a landmark beer garden, a lively place with German music and staff in traditional dress. It's actually a family friendly place (when it's not Oktoberfest?) with good food and beer. I was happy to have some bratwurst and sauerkraut for the second time in a week. 🙂 We finished our meal just in time to make it to the Rathaus to see and hear the glockenspiel at 5 pm.

Kathryn and I had some shopping to do (we found a "dank" pair of jeans for her) and then we all walked to the Royal Residenz. We decided we were maxed out on museums and audio tours, so we only looked at the outside of the palace. We took a longer way back that went through a park and past some nice architecture.

Upper Bavaria is next!