Getting around without a car is quite possible here, but it takes planning and some trial and error. Tuesday was a good day for biking and it’s the quickest way to get to work. I also love the bike route! I’ll try to get some pictures when the sun shines again. 

Wednesday was rainy and since Dick and I had to finish registration, we took the bus together. The bus that stops closest to our house requires us to transfer in Hoensbroek. That’s not a problem, but we transferred to the wrong bus. That bus stopped about 15 min from the base and we had to walk the rest of the way. The driver told us which bus we should have taken. So noted. I took the correct route at the end of the day. 

Thursday’s forecast looked rainy so I headed to the bus again. This time I tried to take a bus 15 min from our house that goes all the way into Brunssum. The app said 15 min, but since it’s an uphill walk, it took me closer to 20 min and I missed the bus. I saw it go past as I was running up to the intersection. Arghhh! 

At that point, I had three options: wait for the next bus that came in an hour, walk back 20 min to the other bus that would then take another 30 min or walk the rest of the way. I chose to walk. It was A LOT farther than I thought it would be. Stupid woman! 😟 I was wearing flats that are generally comfortable, but not so much for 6+ kilometers. I had to bandage a few blisters. I was thankful that it wasn’t raining, but kept thinking that I could have biked! 

It was foggy Friday morning, but no rain so I hopped on the bike. The thing about fog is that it’s rather moist and I arrived a bit damp. I have a short work day on Fridays so I met up with Dick to go set up our new cell phone plan. By the time we finished with that, it started to rain. We rode home in a steady rain — not horrible except the visibility was poor! 💦

I think I have the preferred bus route figured out now and if it isn’t raining in the morning, I’ll bike. We can take the bus or train to nearby cities pretty easily with some advance planning. I think a car might be in our future, though. 🙂